The Body of Christ is composed of all true believers in Christ by faith alone. Scripture says that believers in Jesus are “members one of another” (Romans 12:5). The Biblical word “member” literally means “body part”. We are each body parts composing the “body of Christ”.

Steps to Becoming a Member

Steps to membership at Village Church:

  1. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone by faith for the forgiveness of sins, for peace with God, and a confident eternity with Him forever! Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23, and Rom 10:8-12. - Learn more about trusting in Jesus
  2. Be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:18-20 -
  3. Faithfully attend & participate in each session of our 6-week Vision & Values Class.
  4. Turn in to your teacher or the church office for review the membership documents, as stated in the Vision & Values Class book.
  5. Attend an interview where you will give your testimony to VC Elders/Leaders
  6. Pending no hesitations by your membership class facilitator or the Elders, your Village Church membership will be officially validated by a letter from the Elders and through an announcement during a Sunday morning worship service!

Ready to pursue membership?

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Why Become a Member

​Four Compelling Reasons to Become a Member of a Local Church

1. Church membership signifies a church's corporate endorsement of a person’s good standing with God’s people.

2. Church membership helps leadership know specifically who is under their charge to shepherd and helps fellow members know to whom they are accountable.

  • By identifying ourselves with a particular church we let the pastors and other members of that local church know that we intend to be committed in attendance, giving, prayer, and service. We can therefore be held accountable to fulfill these Biblical commitments.
  • If regular attenders don't eventually make themselves known to the Elders as members of the church, the Elders will have a harder time taking responsibility for them as part of their particular flock. Pastors need to know which sheep God will hold them accountable for so they can tend to them responsibly and effectively (Heb. 13:17).

3. Church membership signifies a regular responsibility that involves people in each other's lives for the purposes of the gospel.

  • Church membership should not be viewed as a loose affiliation useful to members only occasionally. This is a self-centered way of looking at membership. It says, "I want to join this club for the benefits that it can offer me. But as soon as it starts demanding more than I feel I'm receiving, I think I'll start looking around for a new one."
  • Church membership is not a set of rights that are purchased with a tithe. It is a set of responsibilities that are joyfully fulfilled.

4. Church membership makes the gospel clearer to non-Christians.

  • Church membership helps make the gospel clearer to non-Christians by providing a unified witness of the Gospel and the Christ-like life God call us to live together. Jesus said it well in John 13:35: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”