How To: Counsel Hearts

Discipleship Class  How To Counsel Hearts

How Do I Counsel My Own Heart?

Class Description

Have you ever wondered how do I go to get wise counsel? Have you ever wanted to come alongside a friend during a challenging situation, be a sounding board for them but also provide them the right guidance that is appropriate for the moment? We all do and have. Where do you go to look for answers to these life-changing questions?

This hands-on class will help you conclude why learning and applying these principles day-in and day-out is so important… the glory of God is at stake.

We will lay a foundation as to what makes counseling “biblical” and develop a framework to understand apply it. We will discuss the lies we have come to believe which the Adversary uses to imprison and neutralize us in his strongholds. And finally, we will provide you with a simple, step-by-step process you can use to navigate through any issue, situation, circumstance or relationship.

Dates: Sundays from February 4th to February 25th at 9am

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