Ministry: Benevolence and Care Ministries

Because Jesus is passionate about meeting both the spiritual AND physical needs of people, we desire to exude that same passion! For this reason, we offer our Benevolence and Share the Care Ministries. These ministries strive to provide tangible assistance to people experiencing hardships.

Benevolence Ministries

The ongoing job of the benevolence ministry is to offer practical help for families or individuals who are in financial crisis. Our Benevolent Fund is separate from our general fund is available and sustained by giving from our congregation.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance! Fill out the online application form below.

Please note: The Village Church provides assistance through the Benevolence Fund whenever possible. We can’t always meet every need. These requests are reviewed by the Deacons of Village Church. After prayerful consideration, we will determine and advise if we can provide any level of assistance.

 Benevolence Request

Share the Care Ministries

The Care Ministry focuses more on the families within the church who have more short-term needs. If you are in need of tangible assistance, please fill out one of the forms below!

Home and Life Care

Provides home repair, moving assistance, and ect.

 Home and Life Needs Request


Provides hospital and surgery visitation to those who are hurting

 Hospital/Rehabilitation/Surgery Request

In Home Recovery and Shut-In Visitation

Provides visitation to those who are recovering or are unable to leave their homes

 In Home Recovery and Shut-In Visitation Request

Job Support and Job Resources

To provide help for those seeking employment, including helping with resumes. We provide prayer, job placement resources, advice and encouragement.

 Job Support Request

Meal Request

Helps to provide meals for individuals or families in times of need. i.e. post-delivery; post hospital care, etc.

 Meal Request

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