Elders & Deacons


Michael Fuelling
Lead Pastor


Michael has attended the Village Church since 2001, has been on staff at Village Church since 2003, and has been serving as Lead Pastor since 2010. Michael & Breanne have been married since 2003 and have three kids - Elliette, Evia, & Eliex. Michael graduated from Moody Bible Institute with an undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry and from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity.

His favorite food is Indian food; favorite hobby is being outdoors (walking, hiking, climbing, bicycling); favorite book (other than the Bible) is anything written by Michael Crichton. If he were an animal he would be an Australian Shepherd, because they are fun, focused, protective, and love people.

Tim Chinn
Discipleship Pastor


Tim has attended the Village Church since February 2014 and became the Pastor of Discipleship. Tim and his wife, Rene', have been married since 1982 and in local church ministry since that time. They have two adult married children and a new grandson. Tim graduated from Baptist Bible College with a Bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministries and from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master’s degree in pastoral ministries.

His favorite food is steak and potatoes; favorite hobby is outdoor sports and working with his hands; the Bible is his favorite book; he also enjoys anything written on leadership and discipleship. If he were an animal, he would be a beaver because they are creative, practical, hardworking, and well organized. He enjoys helping others in need.

Kirk Verhasselt
Elder/Pastor; Stewardship


Kirk has been attending Village Church since 1998. He has served with many ministries over the years and has been in leadership since 2008, currently serving as an elder and ministry director of finance. His wife of almost 30 years passed away in 2015 after a long battle with brain cancer. Kirk's two adult daughters Megan and Andrea, and their husbands Christopher & Alex, also attend Village Church. Kirk has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University and owns a manufacturing company in Schaumburg.

His favorite food is Mexican (anything inside a corn tortilla). His favorite hobby is riding one of his motorcycles and sharing the gospel with lost bikers. Second favorite hobby would be golf. All time favorite book (other than the bible) is The Pilgrim's Progress, also enjoys anything by John Grisham.

John Nawrocki
Elder/Pastor; Director of Global Outreach


John and Debbie Nawrocki were married in 1987. They have two daughters, Jessica and Katie. Jessica is a Registered Nurse and Katie is studying education at Illinois State University. John and Debbie are both CPA’s and met each other when they worked together at their first accounting job. They both currently serve as the CFO’s of their respective employers.

John has been at the Village Church since 1996. It was during a Sunday Morning Service at the Village Church in the Fall of 1996 that the scales fell from John’s unbelieving eyes and he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. Since that time He has served in Men’s Ministry, Finance, Global Outreach, a Deacon, and most recently as an Elder of the Church.

John likes getting up early and studying God’s word on his Logos Bible Software. He has a special fondness for the writings and teachings of Dead Theologians. His favorite living authors include DA Carson, John Piper, Tim Keller and Michael Horton. His favorite professional sports team is the Chicago Cubs (hope springs eternal!!) and he has never met a spicy chicken wing that is too hot or that he hasn’t liked.

John Shales
Elder/ Pastor


Bert Thompson


Bert has been attending the Village Church since 2008. He and his wife, Kathy, visited one Sunday and he went on the Men's Retreat the very next weekend. Bert previously served as the Men's Ministry director and is currently serving as a Deacon (since 2011).

Native Texan from Galveston, he met Kathy in High School and they have been married for over 45 years. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

His favorite food is Brisket, but he also loves Lasagna. He loves traveling, mentoring and music. If he were an animal he would be an ewok - soft hearted, warm, and cuddly.

Marv Starzak
Deacon; Director of Facilities


Marvin has been attending the Village Church since 1985 and was saved here! He serves as a Deacon and Director of Facilities as well, as serving in other ministries such as Awana and ushering.

His favorite foods are Chinese and Italian; favorite hobby currently is driving his motorcycle; favorite book is A Scientific Approach to Christianity because it shows to those that say it is just a book of stories that it can be proven scientifically to be true!

Mick Youmans

Mick, and his wife Betty, started attending Village Church in 2011. Mick was saved in 1970 and loves to share stories of God's adventures, discipline, and mercy over the years. He spent many years as a church sponsored volunteer helping to run a home that ministered to transient young adults. He later taught gardening to elementary school children. He worked in the landscape industry until his early 40’s when he learned to program mainframe computers and finished out his career behind a desk. Over many years he has served in ministry to children, young adults, the poor, and homeless. At Village Church, he has served in children's ministry, in AWANA, and as a greater, usher, and in the Cafe. In addition, he has assisted the deacons in developing Village Church's Share The Care ministry.

If he was an animal, he would be a chipmunk. His favorite food is vanilla ice cream. His favorite book is Safely Home by Randy Alcorn.

Jeffrey Antioho
Global Outreach Director