Giving Campaign: Building to Bless the Future

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Our Challenge:

1. Numerical Growth: We've grown the last nine years straight, and by 20% the last three years.

2. Facility Limitations: We are limited by a facility that is unable to scale the 450 people we currently have on a Sunday morning.

3. A larger multi-site vision: We want to grow God's kingdom small by planting 2-400 person community churches.


We asked:

"What do we need to scale to 700 on Sunday morning in two services?"

1. Parking

2. Expanded Foyer

3. Revamped Sanctuary


We then asked,

"Can we restructure our current ministries and rethink our current building layout to accommodate our growing church?"

Could we retrofit Village Church to accommodate:

1. Sanctuary/foyer/parking to accommodate Sunday mornings with 7-800 people between 2 services

2. Classroom space on Sunday mornings for a new Jr. high Sunday school, 5-6 grade Sunday school, and eventually Sr. high Sunday school.

3. Sunday morning adult classes & modules

4. 300 kids on Monday night for Awana

We believe the answer is absolutely yes!

Building Values

1. Stay: We're here for the long run. We don't envision a future Village Church without our current property.

2. Minimal Debt: We are committed to renovating as money is pledged to address our biggest needs.

3. Scalable: We want to scale this building for 700-800 on a Sunday morning.

4. Efficient & Multi-Purpose: We will make everything multi-purpose to make the most out of our current facility.

5. Non-Manipulative: We want to clearly cast our vision with a clear concise.

Phase One: Parking Lot and Storage: $450k

1. Parking Lot

2. Outdoor Storage

3. Church Signage

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Phase 2: Children’s Wing: $175k

1. Removal and replacement of all classroom walls and drywall

2. New doors, trim, ceilings, and carpeting

3. Insulation for sound proofing

4. Updated children's ministry foyer

5. Updated AV

6. Outdoor patio outside children's wing

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Phase 3: Open Foyer: $150k

1. Take out Office, Pastor Tim’s Office, Counseling Office

2. Create new and expanded foyer space with furniture

3. Better insulation, restructure office layouts

4. New sound resistant sanctuary doors

5. AV integration

Optional: Update main foyer entrance doors

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Phase 4: Office Wing Restructure: $125k

1. Demo and build canopy and new entrance off Devon

2. Electrical & lighting

3. Hire painters

4. AV integration in each room

5. Furniture

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